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Ending the Reading Wars

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‘Engaged play is learning for children. Jolly Phonics is engaged play!’

About Jacqui

Jacqui Tarquinio has been a primary school teacher for over 15 years now and has been practising the Jolly Phonics program for 13 years. She first learnt the program when working in the UK and was surprised by its outstanding results with non-English-speaking learners.

After all these years, Jacqui still gets excited by the results that the Jolly Phonics program achieves. She passionately believes that every child deserves access to this synthetic, systematic and multi-sensory approach when learning English. Jacqui always marvels at the positive mindset Jolly Phonics creates when children start learning to read and write so quickly and enthusiastically.

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*Free 30min Zoom session covers:
• What is phonics? Why systematic, synthetic phonics is important
• A brief outline of the 5 skills taught in Jolly Phonics
• The Jolly Phonics resources and the reading assessment tool
• Questions and answers to end
*Conditions apply

5An Introduction to Jolly Phonics full day workshop provides:

  • What is phonics? The benefits of explicit, multi-sensory, systematic and synthetic phonics
  • Understanding the basics of phonological awareness
  • Learning the 5 skills of the Jolly Phonics program using fun, practical activities
  • The Alphabetic Code, teaching the alternative spellings and basic rules
  • Audio-visual examples demonstrating classroom instruction and implementation of the Jolly Phonics program
  • What Jolly Phonics resources will suit your learner’s needs and instruction on the Jolly Phonics assessment tool
  • Lesson plans linked to the Australian curriculum
  • Action packed day with free resources given

2022 Term 2 and 3, Zoom Workshop Dates:

Introduction to Jolly Phonics. Wednesday the 8th of June 2022, 9-3 pm EST (including breaks). $250 per person*.

Introduction to Jolly Phonics. Wednesday the 29th of June 2022,  9-3 pm EST (including breaks). $250 per person*.

Introduction to Jolly Phonics. Wednesday the 20th of July 2022, 9-3 pm EST (including breaks). $250 per person*.

*Please note there needs to be a minimum of three people per workshop.

Payment will be processed once numbers are confirmed.

Discounts for group bookings (5 to 8 participants); $150 per person. Over 8 participants and up to 25 applicants total of $1400.

Please enquire about face-to-face workshops, travel fees additional.



    What is Synthetic Phonics?

    I use the analogy of a piece of synthetic material. Synthetic material is made up of different material parts and has been put together to make a whole.

    Just like this process, our language can be broken up into sounds and built back up again through a process known as synthesising. This essentially means blending. The  main process of a synthetic phonics approach is to blend sounds.

    Children are first taught the individual sounds and then, when they come to a word, they must try and blend to decipher the word. Think of a whole piece of synthetic material or a whole word—either one has been synthesised to create a whole.


    What Schools & Families are Saying

    Osborne Primary School chose Jolly Phonics as our synthetic phonics framework as it’s a fun and child centred approach to teaching literacy.  We have had an amazing response from our parents for this program and the growth in the students has been terrific.

    Jacqui was a fantastic presenter. The enthusiasm that she has for the program is incredible. Our teachers found her PDs practical and engaging and have fully embraced the program. Delivery was excellent with a supportive balance of instruction and practice. Thanks again for your great PD and ongoing support Jacqui. 

    Brett Miller—Assistant Principal at Osborne Primary School

    Jacqui’s professional learning day was received with much enthusiasm and appreciation from our staff. She cohesively presented the theory underpinning the Jolly Phonics program and also showcased lots of inspiring hands on tasks that allowed staff to see how phonics can be used in an engaging and purposeful way. Our staff walked away with a toolkit of resources and information to move forward with our explicit teaching of phonics.

    Di Beltramello—Educational Leader,  Harvest Home Primary School

    Completing the Jolly Phonics parent course gave me the tools to help support my daughter with reading and writing in her first year of school. She has come along leaps and bounds since we implemented Jolly Phonics at home! Wish I had known about this earlier as it is easy for parents and very engaging for children.

    Angela Price (parent workshop)

    I would like to thank Jacqui for tutoring my 9 and 11 year old children in Jolly Phonics. We have had a lot of success with Jolly Phonics. Jacqui’s technique of teaching was fun and creative. She gave me the tools to take home and work with my kids. The impact has been enormous. Their teachers at my children’s school are impressed with the difference it has made. I recommend Jolly Phonics and most of all thank Jacqui for her commitment to teaching my children the Jolly Phonics way of learning.

    Rita Birthisel (parent from tutoring group)

    What teachers are anonymously saying in their reflections after Jacqui’s Jolly Phonics presentation

    ‘I learnt so much (from zero) to help our intervention students.’

    ‘I really liked all of the examples that you gave! There is a lot I can take back to my team.’

    ‘It has been clear and passionate.’

    What are teachers anonymously saying in their reflections after Jacqui’s Jolly Phonics presentation

    ‘Thank you for a lovely multi-sensory program. Glad you started at the basic—”learning to
    ride the bike”.’

    ‘You’re amazingvery useful and insightful presentation, great activities and resources.
    Thank you.’

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